The festival

Banana is the most consumed fruit in the world, the brand of the International Banana Comics Festival represents the joyful planet with the banana-shaped smile and its incredible biodiversity. The International Banana Comics Festival is now part of the cultural and educational calendar of the municipality of Jaíba. The festival is a partnership between the Municipality of Jaíba and Brazil Cartoon, which is the organizer, with the support of InterTV.

Banana Comics has come to show a visual language full of creative and colorful banana ideas, stimulating the creativity of regional, national and international artists. The Banana Comics Festival draws attention to the importance of BANANA, a fruit so consumed in the world and grown in the largest Brazilian banana producing region, Jaíba.

The cartoon, which is worth a thousand words, and is able to make you laugh and, at the same time, to reflect. The comics, which are able to tell fun and colorful stories. And the animations, moving drawings full of creative ideas, that draw much attention.
The Banana Comics Festival will involve people of all ages and social classes. We want to communicate the benefits of banana consumption and also about organic production in tune with the ecosystem and the preservation of the environment. The banana cartoons and animations from all over the world will show the true concept of this indispensable fruit, tasty and beneficial to health.
Works that depreciate the fruit like "at the price of banana," "give a banana," "monkey eating banana" and erotic, sexual and racist content will not be accepted. In this case, the participants will automatically be eliminated from the selection, exhibition and awards.


Located in the North of the State of Minas Gerais, southeastern of Brazil, the Jaíba Region is composed of seven municipalities and occupies an area of 10,829 km².
Sunshine, warm climate, fertile soil and water, have made Jaiba a great national reference in the production of tropical fruits of excellent quality. The region is prosperous and its main economic source is irrigated agriculture. All this progress began in the 1970s with the construction of canals and water pumping stations. Today, the waters of the São Francisco river arrive through river channels to the fruit plantations, such as lemon, mango, papaya and banana. Being the Silver Banana the most produced fruit in the Jaíba region




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