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The Municipality of Jaíba, Minas Gerais, Brazil, director of the BANANA COMICS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL - comics, cartoons and animation, invites animators, cartoonists, designers, comic artists and graphic artists to participate in the contest.
In order to facilitate the judging of the jury and to guarantee quality and accuracy in the final selection, it is essential that the authors carefully read the Regulations and present their works in accordance with the norms established herein.

The Banana Comics integrates two categories professional and one special for the new talents:

a) Professional category: COMICS - CARTOON - ANIMATION
b) Special category: schools of the Jaíba Region: COMICS - CARTOON

COMICS: (up to 2 pages). Balloons with texts must be in the Portuguese language.
CARTOON: (humorous drawing without text)
ANIMATION: Animated 2D or 3D animation with a maximum duration of 5 minutes, sent in the display format.
A digital file with H264 video CODEC, AAC Stereo Audio and MP4 or MOV extension is indicated. The file should be sent by the official website of the event.

       Attention: The works sent by any other form will be automatically declassified.                


       Step 1 -  To participate, you need to create a profile on, fill out the form.
       Step 1 -   Publish in  at least 5 works (portfolio), that is, works by the artist, but which are not competing in the festival.
* This portfolio published on will be evaluated by the jury and will add points in the professional category, and also ensure the safety that the participants are actually the authors.

3 - THEME: 
All categories must comply with the BANANA theme. The graphic technique is free. We want to receive creative, original, fun ideas that value BANANA, the most consumed fruit in the world.
  Attention: Because it is a festival, also, educational with the participation of elementary and middle schools, works with erotic, sexual content, gender ideology,  hate speech, political and racist partisanship will not be accepted.   

Do you know the origin of the term '' banana ''?
It comes from the Arabic word with the same spelling as the Portuguese, but, which means "finger." The first mention of fruit in articles occurred around 600 BC, but only in the 3rd century AD. W. is that the first organized orchards of the fruit began to appear. In addition to being quite tasty, the banana is very nutritious: it has a high potassium content, helps keep blood pressure lower; the fibers assist in the functioning of the intestine; and vitamin B is good for the nervous system. Banana is one of the most consumed fruits in Brazil, mainly by athletes, due to its privileged nutritional value. It is a carbohydrate of high glycemic index and of easy digestion, being much used before the physical activities for the increase of the blood glucose. Brazil is one of the main producers on the world stage and is the country that consumes the most bananas on the planet. In Brazil, various types of banana are grown: silver, gold, apple, water and nanica. The city of Jaíba has become the largest banana producing region in the country. Its irrigated agriculture moves the economy of the region and Brazil. Banana farming helps many families move out of the poverty line, offers job and empowerment opportunities for thousands of people on large farms where the fruit is grown. Today, organic production has further increased the quality of the banana from Jaíba, which is exported to several countries.

4 - DATES:
 NEW DATE: Registration until MARCH 30, 2020 

a) Professionals and amateurs can register
b) INEDITISMO: the works must be unpublished, that is, they could not have been awarded in other events until the final date of the inscriptions of Banana Comics.
c) QUANTITY: maximum 2 works per category.

CARTUM: 200 DPI JPG at most 2000 pixels (vertical or horizontal)
COMICS: 200 DPI JPG at most 2000 pixels (vertical or horizontal)
ANIMATIONS: Video format Mp4 in maximum 5 minutes.
Important: Uploaded files must be named as follows:
  country_name artist_category_name. Example: joaosilva_brasil_cartum_01 

Each artist can enter a maximum of 2 works per category.
CARTUM: (graphic humor, without text, with Banana theme),
COMICS: (History illustrated in sequence on the Banana being able to contain balloons with texts.
* Balloons with texts in Portuguese language.
ANIMATION (Banana cartoon with a maximum of 5 minutes duration)
* Audio (dialogs in another language) should always contain the legend in Portuguese.

The purchase premiums will be granted in a total amount of R$ 33,000.00 (Thirty-three thousand Reais) divided as follows:
A prize of R$15,000.00 (Fifteen thousand Reais) denominated  BIG PRIZE, chosen among the winners of the professional categories: (a, b and c.)
* The amounts will be paid in Brazilian currency (Real), regardless of the dollar.

 a) Cartoon Prize R$ 5,000.00 (Five thousand Reais) 
 b) Comics Prize R$ 5,000.00 (Five thousand Reais) 
 c) Animation Award R$ 5,000.00 (Five thousand Reais) 
 d) Jury Prize R$ 1,000.00 (One thousand reais) per hour by electronic voting open. 
 e) Prize School of the municipality of Jaíba R$ 2,000.00  (for students) -   This category is reserved only for Brazilians 

9 - JURY:
The trial will take place in two stages.
1 - Pre-selection judging committee: will select the finalist works.
2 - Awards judging committee: will award the works.
The Festival invited a select group of jurors with vast experience, recognized and trained so that the result is as balanced and fair as possible.

Besides the monetary value, the winning authors will receive the Silver Banana trophy (alluding to Banana Prata, the most cultivated species in Jaíba). 

Other prizes and mentions may be established at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

The result of the award may be challenged up to one week after the opening of the Exhibition, with adequate proof of any irregularities committed, without the knowledge of the juries.
Should fraud or plagiarism be found in any work, the jury will be informed, it will issue an official opinion and the prize awarded may be canceled.

The Municipal Government of Jaíba is not responsible for the payment of prizes. The official sponsor of the festival (Bananas Braúna) reserves the right to pay the prizes within 3 months of the prizes being announced. Federal, state and local taxes may be deducted prior to premium payments. The amounts corresponding to the cash prizes were only deposited in a current account in the name of the winners, obeying the established legislation. It is mandatory for the advertiser to have a checking account in their name and be informed on the registration form. If a bank account is not provided within 02 (two) months, payment of the premium amount will also be canceled. Authors of countries, who face problems of embargo or diplomatic or of any nature with Brazil and that make impossible the transfer of monetary values ​​of prizes, compete for the indications of honorific.   Artist attention! To be clear and aware, before attending the festival, check if your country has any diplomatic, seizure against Brazil. If there is any impediment, the Banana Comics Festival will only award honorific  and no cash payment if you are awarded.   
Also regarding the payment of prizes, the special category of schools in the municipality of Jaiba, the parents or guardians of children and young people will receive the prizes. 

a) Simple registration shall oblige the artist to accept this Regulation. The selected and awarded artists automatically transfer the copyrights of their works to publications and publications, in any way, unrestrictedly by the directors and organizers of the event, as well as the sponsors of the master category.
b) Authors selected, awarded (including honorable mentions) transfer the assignment of the authorship rights of their work (s) in accordance with Law No. 9.610 of February 19, 1988 Copyright Law) , in a total, universal and definitive manner, in all modalities of use and free of charge, protected by said law referring to the selected works, which were awarded at the International Banana Comics Festival, also to the collection of Brazil Cartoon and the Jaíba City Hall that may use the works in the institutional publicity campaigns to publicize the Jaíba and Banana Region. No payment if additional costs to authors.

  Participation is free. Amateur and professional artists can participate. To be able to subscribe, you must have a  profile. If you are already registered in , use your login and password. 

Good luck! :)
Márcio Leite
Organizer and Director of Brazil Cartoon
Vice President of CARTUMINAS - Association of Cartoonists of the state of Minas Gerais - Brazil
Value Art Creator Content

By accepting you are automatically agreeing to all terms of the regulation of the International Festival Banana Comics 2019.




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